A new golden engagement ring with a new snake is on the market

The brand new ring from the Australian snake ring company is on sale for $2,974.99.

This new snake ring has a diamond and diamond-plated, and comes with a gold and pearl snake inlaid ring.

The snake is a black snake with gold and silver scales and is 3.75 inches long.

Its not clear what it was made of, but the price includes a free 2-day shipping.

The snake ring features a gold ring on a sapphire crystal, a silver snake with a silver, and a black-and-white snake with black scales.

It has a silver bracelet, which can be worn on either the left or right hand.

It comes with an 8-piece, sterling silver necklace with a ring on the middle.

The new snake rings are available now for pre-order.

The price is $2.99 and will be available for sale on November 21.