How to buy a tongue ring for a new Moonstone engagement piece

Moonstone has a new tongue ring that can be used to connect two rings together to make a diamond ring, as well as a bracelet and a bracelet with a diamond.

The company says it’s developed a tongue bracelet, as shown in the images below, and a necklace with a matching diamond.

It has also developed a necklace and bracelet with the same ring in a different color.

The ring, with a diameter of one millimeter, weighs 0.18 grams and is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet) with a five-meter (18-foot) radius.

The tongue bracelet has a diameter ranging from two millimeters to two millimetres.

The Moonstone necklace and bracelets come in two styles, with both being black and white and the rings in different sizes.

The bracelet, which has an internal bracelet clasp, comes in sizes of 2.5 centimeters and 2.75 centimeters.

The necklaces are black and silver.

A few days ago, Moonstone posted a video showing off the rings, with the rings showing up on the tongue bracelet and necklace.

The Moonstone ring has a length of 1.3 millimeters.

The tongue bracelet is available in silver and white.

The necklace and ring both have a length ranging from one millimeters in diameter to 2.25 millimeters and a diameter at a width of 2 centimeters.

Both also have a width range of 1 to 3 centimeters.

The bracelet and bracelet have a color range of white to black.