WATCH: Ring guard hoop gets ‘superior’ treatment by NBA

Ring guard basketball hoop gets a “superior” treatment by the NBA’s newest officiating standards, as officials are allowed to use “no-hands” on ring-players in order to reduce contact.

The NBA has been cracking down on “no contact” basketball rules since 2015, when it released new rules on the issue.

The league also has banned the “no hand” sign during basketball games and has been working with NBA referees on a new set of rules.

Here’s what you need to know about ring-guard hoops: The league has been developing the new rules for some time, and it’s expected to be released by the league office on Tuesday.

Ring-guard rules were first proposed in 2012.

The rules have been met with mixed reviews, including a major backlash in March when the league released its first set of ring-guarding rules.

The new rules are designed to give referees greater flexibility in the way they play ring-and-dribble, as well as to make sure that all ring-grazing ring-handers are not penalized.

“Ring-guards and players should have a safe and legal chance to continue playing at their best while maintaining a clear understanding of the rules, and the NBA will continue to monitor this issue,” NBA spokesman Scott Oberg said in a statement.

“We will continue working closely with league officials and will work with the league to ensure that the new rule is implemented in a fair, equitable and consistent manner.”

The league is also expected to release new rules to address ring-ring players’ contact with referees.

Ring hand-to-hand contact in the ring-like area of the court should be avoided during play.

When a ring-player tries to pass the ball to another player, the referee should stop play immediately.

This is called a “no pass” call, and can be a major issue for any referee.