This Man’s Dream of Green Lantern Ringing in Earrings: A Tale of Two Worlds

With Green Lantern coming out this month, a new ring was on the table for Stephen R. Donaldson.

A young man named Donaldson had been a Green Lantern for over a decade, and he wanted to get his ring made.

But when Donaldson’s family’s home was destroyed by the Green Lantern Corps in the film, the ring was destroyed, too.

So Donaldson, who is originally from Scotland, decided to make a new one for himself.

He started with a pair of silver rings made from reclaimed gold, and they have now become his ring.

But he had a problem.

The rings were designed with a single design on one side and two designs on the other, making them impractical for anyone to use.

So, Donaldson created the Ring in Earring.

But how do you create a ring in a pair?

He did it with a simple, but ingenious, process.

And it worked.

“The idea was to use reclaimed materials to make the ring,” Donaldson told The Atlantic Wire.

“There are a lot of materials that you can reuse, but I was able to use these recycled materials and make something that was completely different than the traditional ring.”

The two rings are now a part of the Green and Yellow Lantern rings collection in the Museum of the City of New York.

And for more from the Smithsonian’s Green Lantern museum, be sure to check out this video.