The best diamonds in the world

NEW YORK (AP) — The best diamond rings in the universe.

The best gold engagement rings.

The most expensive diamond earrings.

The gold ring that was used to kill Osama bin Laden.

The diamonds.

And a world-class diamond cuff that cost $2 million to make.

These are the items that brought together the world’s richest diamond buyers on the eve of the 2015 world diamond expo, which opens Friday.

The event is billed as a global event with a theme of the “ultimate” collection, with collectors competing for the most valuable diamonds.

For a record-breaking year, more than 1,200 companies were in attendance.

But what will be the biggest bargains on display are the jewels.

At $10,000 apiece, they are the highest prices ever paid by a collector.

And they’re worth more than the average person’s annual income.

The $2-million price tag is based on an average of the top 5,000 diamonds in existence.

The Diamond Corp., a unit of the Sotheby’s Group of Companies, is bidding for about 30 percent of the total auction price.

The highest bid is expected to be the $1 million mark, said the company, which did not disclose the final price.

A diamond buyer would have to be an individual or family member who owns the diamond.

Most diamonds sold are hand-selected and bought by diamond collectors who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire them.

The world’s most expensive ring is the $12.5 million Sothebys $1.3 million diamond ring, which was designed by Swiss designer Michael Schwarz.

The ring was purchased by a New York collector and was appraised at $1,100,000.

A gold ring was bought by a California buyer, but that buyer declined to be interviewed for this article.

The auction will feature a wide variety of gems, from the rarer, platinum-size stones to the more expensive diamonds.

It’s not a limited edition event, so many of the stones are available for a limited time.

A rare diamond earring with an earring ring was $1 billion.

The diamond cuff, which had a gold diamond embedded in it, was $800,000 and the most expensive cuff ever sold.

There were more than 200 pieces of jewelry in the final list, including a $2.7 million gold and silver bracelet that belonged to a Chinese billionaire and was sold in 2009 for $1 in the New York auction house.

Among the more unusual items: The only diamond earlobe with a hole in it was bought for $5.7 billion by a woman in Hong Kong, who has since left the country.

A $3 million gold ring made from the top 3,000 pieces of gold on Earth.

A platinum ring that came from the world famous Sahara Desert in Morocco was sold for $3.7.

A tiny gold ring on a chain that was sold by a man in California for $8.6 million.

One of the most unusual diamonds, however, is the gold engagement ring, a gold-plated ring with an engraving of a lion on the top of it.

It was made in China, and the seller has since moved to London.

The company that made the diamond ear ring declined to talk about it.

The other rare gems in the auction are diamonds with an engraved diamond, including one of a diamond cut from a stone that’s more than 100 times as thick as a human hair.

There are no known known diamonds with engravings of dinosaurs or crocodiles.

The buyer who paid $2 billion for the gold cuff also had to pay for a diamond ear, and a platinum cuff.

There is no auction record for the $4.4 million gold diamond ear and platinum diamond ear with the lion on top, which is a rare occurrence.

This auction is the world first for the diamond cuff and earlobes.

The price reflects a typical appraisal of an average diamond, said Dan Gartenberg, who manages the diamond sales for Sothebrands.

The average buyer spends an average $1-2 million on jewelry, which averages to about $200,000 a year, he said.

“It’s not like you’re getting a piece of jewelry at auction for less than $200,” Gartenburg said.

The more expensive a diamond is, the more people who will buy it, he added.