How do I buy my own sapphires?

In the US, a ring from a jeweler such as James Allen is generally enough to go for the price of a $50,000 diamond.

But if you are interested in making your own sawn-off gemstone, there are many other options available.

Here are our picks for the best gems in the world.


Jade stone This stone is a kind of emerald that is often used as a decoration in Asian traditional jewelry.

But in Japan, it is a rare gemstone that is commonly known as jade.

It’s one of the rarest gems in all of China.

You can find it in gemstones shops in Japan for as little as 500 yen (£39) a kilo.

If you want to make a real gemstone out of this rare stone, it’s probably best to visit a gemstone shop in China, which sells them for more than a million yuan (£16,000).

A jade stone is very expensive, but it can be made at home using a home furnace and a basic drill.

You’ll need to buy a bit of charcoal, some wood and a few screws to make the stone.

You might also need to use some of the mineral oil to coat the stone’s surface.

The best way to buy jade stones is to visit the Jinzhou Gemstone shop, which is just one of more than 150 in the city.

Inside, you can pick up a lot of different stone types, including jade, jade garnet, ruby, sapphete, jasper, saffron and emerald.


Ruby stones Ruby is one of many rare gems in China.

There are more than 10,000 different varieties of ruby, and there are also varieties from different colours, shapes and sizes.

You could even buy gems from different regions of China in the same package.

The Chinese government doesn’t keep records of what types of gemstones are available in the country, so it’s hard to tell which gems are the best.

Some sellers on Alibaba, a Chinese internet company, even sell a selection of different stones for less than 500 yuan (£39).

But the prices can be quite reasonable, with the most expensive jade sold for more, and the most affordable ruby for around a tenth of the price.

If this sounds like a lot, you could easily buy up to 20 different gemstones from different suppliers at one time.

If the seller can offer a great deal, you should consider going to their store.

They’ll usually take a cut of the sale price and give you a discount on the shipping cost, so if you want the best deal, it might be worth the wait.


Sapphire stones Sapphire stones are one of several rare gems that are commonly used in Japanese traditional jewelry, especially for decorative purposes.

They can be as beautiful as an emerald or a sapphilla.

You may want to pick up some ruby stones from the Jinjing Gemstone store, which has over 400 different stones.

The price is very reasonable.

If all you’re after is a ruby stone, you’ll have to pay the extra price for the jade and the garnet.

But these are usually very hard stones, so the prices are usually quite reasonable.

You should visit the store in Nanjing to buy one of their sapphus, but if you’re interested in other gems like sapphielas, you may also find them at another gem store in the region.


Jade stones Jade stones are usually considered a very rare gem.

You won’t find a single Jade stone in China at all.

However, there is a small gem market in China that deals in these gems.

You will have to get in touch with one of these gem dealers to purchase your own gemstone.

The prices are quite high, and they might charge a lot more for the gemstone than the online seller might suggest.

However you might be able to get a very good price from these dealers.

A lot of people are attracted to this gem store because they are the only place that you can get Jade stones at, but they also offer a wide variety of other gemstones.

If they don’t sell Jade stones, they might also sell other types of stones that you might want.

A good way to find out is to check the Jade Stone Exchange website, which lists prices of Jade stones and other rare gems for different parts of China, such as Yunnan, Heilongjiang, Gansu, Shandong and Guangdong.


Garnet stones A garnet stone is one type of emeral that is also commonly known in China as a gem.

A garnette is a type of stone that has been ground up into powder.

If it’s a sawn gemstone you’re looking for, the gemstones market in the US might be a good option.

However in Japan there are no Gemstones Stores that sell garnets, so you may have to take the gem-