Stephen Ringer on the ring that he and Stephen Ringer have used together for over a decade

Stephen Ringe and his wife, Stephanie, were introduced by their daughters, the singer and songwriter Stephen Ringers and the former WWE superstar.

Stephen, who has been married to Stephanie for over 20 years, said: “I always had a big smile on my face and that’s exactly what I’ve got with Stephanie.”

“When she met me, I remember being in her kitchen and I thought I could never have a girl.

I said ‘I’ll have a boy and you’re going to get to watch him grow up’.”

It was a bit of a shock for us.

She was like ‘you can’t do that’, but I loved her.

“I’ve been looking for a ring for a while now, so we went and found one on eBay and bought it.””

It was always nice to see her and I couldn’t wait to see how it was going to turn out,” Stephanie said.

“I’ve been looking for a ring for a while now, so we went and found one on eBay and bought it.”

Stephanie was delighted to find the ring in her garden when she visited the house in 2014.

She said:”We were looking for an old ring for our wedding and it was on sale for a fair price.

I was like, ‘I’ve got a ring and I’ve been waiting for it forever’.”

Stephanies husband, the comedian Stephen Ringuette, is one of the best-selling singles in the UK.

He and Stephanie have a son, James, who is now five.

Stephanys daughter, Sophie, is a star in the family.

She also stars in the television series Big Brother.

Stephen said:I always have a smile on me, and that ring has always brought out that in me.

Stephanie said:”[We] had a lovely time with the ring, and it’s a very special moment for us and for the whole family.”

It’s a really special moment in my life.

“Stephane said the ring was also the inspiration for a new children’s TV show, which is due to debut in April.

Stephen was on a plane home from a holiday with his wife and daughter when the phone rang.

Stephanie was in tears.

Stephanie recalled:I was just crying, and I said, ‘Stephen, what happened?’

He said, “I’m sorry, I’ve lost my ring’.

I said: ‘Why?’

He says: ‘I had it for a week and it broke and it came back and now it’s gone’.

“And he said: ‘[We’ll] never get it back, it’s the same size, it’ll never be the same again.”

And I said to him, ‘It’s only broken now’.

“So he went and picked it up, and they just got it back.

I couldn’t believe it, and we’re really happy.”

Stephen said the new childrens TV show was a great way to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Stephie said:It was really special.

The kids and I have done a lot of different things together.

I remember my first day of work at the TV series, we just went out and we danced, and she’s a pretty good dancer, so she got the job.

And we just had a great time and we had a wonderful time together, and for us it was the best birthday we could have.

“Stephan has been great and very helpful and really kind to us.

It’s been a great day for us.”