Why you should avoid wearing the ring neck with ring top

FourFour2 title Five new ring neck tops for 2016 article FourTwo The top-selling ring neck for 2016 has arrived in your local store.

It is a brand-new design that looks great with the ring top on. 

The new ring bottom has a similar design and looks great. 

It is the perfect top-down fit with a traditional ring. 

You can also opt for the Ring Neck, which has a narrower ring bottom and wider ring top, which is the classic look. 

This ring top has a wider and deeper ring bottom.

This ring bottom is the same as the top-up ring top and is also a great fit with the traditional ring, but the ring bottom can be used to top- up your traditional ring for a more unique look.

The Ring Neck is a great alternative to the traditional rings for top-ups, but the traditional style is a more versatile fit that can be worn with most ring types. 

 Ring Bottom This is a traditional style ring bottom that can also be worn on the ring side of a traditional ring.

This is a perfect fit for top up rings, but it is a great choice if you want to add a ring to your existing ring.