Jared’s engagement rings in Japan

In an exclusive interview with The Times Of India, a close associate of Jared and his wife, Kaya, says the rings are in excellent condition.

They were worn by the couple during the wedding and have been worn by Jared for many years, he says.

But, he adds, they are also in very good condition, with no damage to the clasp, ring finger and lanyard holes.

“It is a very beautiful ring and I think the engagement rings are one of the nicest pieces of jewellery we have ever had,” he says, adding that he believes it is a perfect match for Jared and Kaya.

He says that the engagement ring is in excellent shape, and the ring finger is also in good shape.

“There is no damage at all to the finger or the lanyards,” he adds.

The pair is also looking forward to returning to Japan for the wedding, and says they have received a great reception there.

“I think it is an honor to come back and be with them and be married with a ring on my finger.

I have been married with my own ring since I was 15 years old,” says Jared.