Gucci ring with mens face and chest tattoo, man says ‘it was just a little bit of fun’

A man in his mid-20s says he had the ring and face tattooed by a company and that it was just “a little bit” of fun.

The tattoo, which shows a face with a “ghetto” motif, is on top of a tattoo on the chest of a man who is in his late 30s.

He was asked by CBC News to identify himself in a follow-up interview.

“It’s a really cool thing, it’s a little piece of my past,” he said.

“I can see it in my heart, I can see that it’s something I have a connection to and that my dad passed away in that house.”

He added that he would like to see the man who did the tattoo given a chance to talk to him about it.

“My question to him is, how do you feel about your family?

I can tell you my dad was not here when it happened,” he continued.”

So you know, how are you feeling about your kids, your grandkids?

How are you going to deal with them?”

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said the tattoo is a way of showing solidarity.

“A lot of people don’t know that we have a lot of connections with our family, so it’s not just the kids, it is all of us.”

We don’t want to just be a one-off, we want to be part of something bigger,” he added.

He said that he thinks the business was run with respect and “it’s not a big deal.””

It was just fun.

It was a little thing.

It’s just a way to show support to my family, my dad and to say, ‘hey, I’ve got something to say to you,'” he said, explaining that he has no connection with the company.”

To be honest, I just kind of got it from watching the video and the photo that came up on the web.

“A CBC News producer who was present during the interview was unable to comment.

A spokesperson for the Gucci Ring said that the company is “aware of the allegations made in the interview and is investigating them.””

As a result of the investigation, the ring will no longer be performing the tattoos,” the spokesperson said.