How to use the ring indoors, ring indoor camera

The ring is like a mini camera that can be used outdoors to take photos of the inside of your house or to record videos.

When you take a picture with the ring, you’ll see the inside.

But the ring also has a microphone, which you can use to record voice chats with others inside your house.

The ring has a built-in speaker that lets you make out sounds from inside the house and make a video call.

The video camera is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth so you can record audio and video.

The Ring is also able to make a picture and send it to your cellphone via Bluetooth, and you can also use it to watch a video on your phone.

The Ring has a camera that records pictures, but you can’t take a photo.

You can record voice chat with a ring, but the Ring doesn’t have an option to record video.

It’s a little like taking a picture of the outside of a room.

You’ll also need to have an iPhone, iPad, or Windows Phone to use it.

You won’t be able to record a video, but that won’t stop you from recording audio and sharing it on social media.