How to wear the Lip Ring for $39.99 on Black Friday

This holiday season, there will be no shortage of lip rings.

If you’re looking for something a little more expensive, you might consider the $49.99 Ring of Destiny ($139.99) and the $99.99 Black Beauty Lip Ring ($179.99).

There are also the $79.99 Lip Ring of the Year ($199.99), the $129.99 “Flat Ring of Love” ($199) and even the $169.99 Tuck It Under Lip Ring (for $179.49).

The $149.99 Misfit Lip Ring has a similar design, but is available in a $49-$99 range.

For a more affordable option, check out the $39 Ring of Beauty ($49.95), $99 Ring $29 ($79.95) or the $109 Ring of Color ($149).

If you don’t need a lot of lipsticks, there’s always the $35.99 Stila ColorStay in style with the $45.99 ColorStay, which has a variety of color palettes, including a full collection of lip shades, lipsticks and blushes.

The $35-item collection also includes a range of blush and lipsticks as well as eye shadows.

The limited edition ColorStay Eye Pencil ($7.49) and a $9.99 Eyeliner Pencil $10 ($9.49 each) are the most affordable options for a makeup kit.

The Eye Pen and Eyelink have similar pigmentation and brush applicators, and the Eye Pen is available as an $8.99 accessory.

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