Walmart and OURA get new wedding rings for $19.99

A new collection of wedding rings is on sale for $18.99, but the prices may not be enough to satisfy the sweet tooth of those looking to buy rings.

Walmart announced today that its new wedding ring collection will include the classic walmart ring, the simple engagement ring, and the walmart walmart.

You can pick up all of these styles for just $19, a discount of almost 50 percent.

The walmart wedding rings have a metal clasp and a thin band of rubber on the bottom.

They are made of steel and have an engraved walmart logo on the clasp and the ring.

They will cost $16.99 each.

The new walmart rings also come in three colors: green, white, and silver.

They come in a variety of sizes, from 0 to 4.7 inches (15 centimeters to 36 centimeters).

They are available in white, gold, and blue.

The prices for the wal mart walmart and the OURA walmart will be $19 and $19 each, respectively.

The prices for a ring that is the same size as the walMart walmart are also reduced by 25 percent.

You can also buy the waliamy walmart, which has a metallic clasp and can be bought in either white or gold.

The price is $22.99.

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