When you think of a Trumpian presidency, think of Donald Trump’s father, Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Sr. is the only one of his two sons to survive the presidency, and he was the one who was forced to publicly repudiate his father’s comments in the wake of his son’s death.

Trump Sr.’s public denunciations of his father have been widely criticized, including by Democrats, but he has been remarkably quiet since then.

And he’s even gone so far as to deny that he ever made the comments.

In a new interview with the Daily Beast, Trump Jr., now an executive at the Trump Organization, says his father was “unfortunate” to have made the remarks.

“He was not my father,” Trump Jr said.

“My father was not elected to be my father.

He was elected by the American people to be president.

That’s all.”

Trump Jr.’s comments were not the first time he has publicly disavowed his father.

In 2015, he told a New Hampshire crowd that his father “did not say that.”

In a statement, Trump said his father had said the same thing, but added that his “statement was made in a very indirect way.”

Trump Sr., meanwhile, was a member of the board of directors of Trump University and later helped create it.

He also is the son of the late Trump philanthropist Fred Trump, whose foundation was one of the subjects of the federal investigation into Trump University.

In the interview with The American Conservatives, Trump Sr said he would “never” allow his son to become president.

“It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t care.

Let’s go ahead and do it, I’m going to do it,'” Trump Jr told The American Republican.

“I would never allow my son to be President.”

In addition to the public denunciation of his dad, Trump’s son has also faced intense criticism over his role in the creation of a pro-Trump PAC.

“Trump’s campaign did not disclose that its PAC was paying for the work of a political operative working for Hillary Clinton, but the group did get some of the funds,” The American Caller reported.

The PAC helped pay for pro-Clinton ads and videos featuring Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, in 2016.

And the group also helped Trump Jr and senior advisor Jason Miller write a book attacking Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The book was ultimately retracted after a video emerged showing a man who appeared to be Trump Jr trying to buy the book and later claiming it was a forgery.