Vintage wedding rings set to make their debut on NFL sidelines

WASHINGTON — The NFL is set to unveil new wedding rings at the start of training camp on Tuesday.

The league announced on Monday that the first pair of rings from the new set of “Vibrating Cock Rings” will be available to watch as the teams prepare for the start to training camp in late July.

The rings will feature two separate colors for the player to choose from, but will have to be worn together.

The colors of the rings will be chosen by the teams.

“Vibratory cock rings are a versatile and unique accessory for a variety of sports and are a great addition to any bride’s wedding ring collection,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

“The ring will be a great way for a bride to express her love and commitment, whether that’s to a friend, a significant other, a loved one, a favorite coach or teammate, or to a teammate on the field.”

The first pair will be sold through starting with the season opener on July 6 against the Indianapolis Colts.

The second pair will go on sale on June 16.

The “Vibra-Cock Rings” come with a special “V” design that signifies that the rings are vibrating, and a stylus to guide the ring to the right position.

A ring that looks like a vibrating cockring with the right colors will be priced at $35.

The NFL is also releasing two sets of “Gucci Heart Rings.”

These new rings will go into stores on July 13.

The Gucci Heart Ring will come in a blue and white colorway with the “Guccis” logo on it.

The new rings are priced at an extra $20 each.

Gucci is a luxury brand that has a history of creating custom rings and wedding rings.

They have previously partnered with the National Football League to produce wedding rings that feature the NFL’s logo and other logos that represent the NFL, including the team.

Gucci released their first wedding rings in 2016 with the custom-made ring “Scoop.”

This was followed by the Gucci-branded ring “Gentlemen’s Club” in 2017 and the “Covfefe” ring in 2018.