How to ring a birthday ring with a candle

The candle ring idea came from a conversation between my wife and her friend who has been a candle-rings user for years.

They both love candle rings, and they had a common desire to have one that could be worn for long periods of time without having to use a candle. 

In this blog post, I am going to share with you how to do that. 

When I started looking into candle rings for a candle, I knew that they were a lot of work.

It was a lot harder to make something look beautiful with just one piece of wax and a piece of paper, but I did find that candle rings can be done with just a few steps.

The trick is to find a good candle wax and paper, and then to apply the wax to the paper to create a nice ring.

First, you need to find the wax and the paper.

If you don’t have candles, there are plenty of candle-making kits online.

You can use candles, candles wax, or even a candle wax that has been dipped in a liquid to create an amazing ring. 

I found my favorite candle wax was the black wax that I bought at the store called Black Wick.

It’s a very light, soft wax that you can buy online at most hardware stores. 

If you don´t have candles and don´s want to spend a lot on wax, you can use your favorite candle-maker’s wax that they make.

You don’t need to make your own wax, but if you can find a candle maker that has a good waxing process, you should be able to use their wax.

You might even want to buy a special candle wax to match your candle, or to give it a unique scent. 

The first step to using the wax is to make a mold. 

Next, you will need to create the ring.

First, you are going to need a mold of the wax. 

You can use a paper template, but you need a sheet of paper that is wide enough to fit the candle-ring. 

Then, you apply the paper template to the wax with your finger.

Once the wax starts to form a ring, you don`t need to do anything else but apply the ink to the ring to give the ring its unique look. 

Here is the finished ring.

Note that the ring is made out of black paper and is not clear in color.

This is a perfect ring.

You get all the color from the wax that is sitting in the candle.

If you were to paint it with a white paint, it would look a bit too black, but it would still look great. 

Now, let`s take a closer look at the ring!

The black wax on the wax ring.

It looks a bit like this, but when you get a nice, clear ring, the black is the way to go.

The ring has a nice shape and is made with black paper. 

 I was not thrilled with the rings that were just plain black, so I made my own black candle wax with a lot more shine. 

After a bit of work, you have a ring that looks really good!

Now, I love how it looks with the candle on it.

You can actually wear it with your hands, and you get to have a nice glow to it!

I really like the shape of the ring, and I have a few other candle-shaped rings in my collection, like these beautiful ones from the designer of the candle rings called Mazzo. 

Mazzo candle rings are a little more complicated to make than other candle rings.

You need to get a good mold of wax, then you apply wax to it with the paper, then wait a few minutes for it to set up. 

Finally, you put your ring on. 

This is one of my favorite rings.

I love the color of this ring.

The wax is nice and dark, and it feels a little like a candle in your hand.

 It looks like a real candle, and if you are wearing it with wax on it, you get the same effect.

Here is a close up of the black ring on the ring as it turns to be a candle with its wax.

There are a couple of things you need for a good ring.

 First, make sure you use a good, strong candle wax.

I used the candle wax I bought for my candle rings at the hardware store.

The paper on the inside of the paper mold is a little soft and will burn quickly if you push it against a flame. 

Second, make a ring with an exact match wax.

If your wax matches the wax in the waxing bottle that you bought, you want to make sure that the wax matches it. 

Third, you must put your candle wax on top of the mold and wait a bit for it and then apply the ring with the wax before it starts